1. Salrenna Shadowborn

1/31/14: This campaign takes place four years after Expedition to the Demonweb Pits, where Lolth's dark elves attacked the city of Olwynn. After the initial invasion, The God of Night, Zev, animated all of those slain into ghouls under his command. Anjou, Goddess of Nature, destroyed the ghouls. This led to a chain of events which pitted Zev against the other gods. Zev has gone into hiding somewhere in the multiverse. He has a number of "zombie gods" under his control. They say he still has agents of his working to bring down the city of Olwynn...

Altor - Elf Wizard
Bidam - Dragonborn Fighter
Glen - High Elf Rogue
Moo Young - Dragonborn Barbarian
Robert Downey jr. - Human Fighter
Squirting Vajlik - Human Cleric of Fra

It began in the city of Olwynn with Robert Downey jr. fighting in the arena. It was mid-day, and the arena was maybe 1/4th full. He killed a zombie to mild applause. Then he battled a dwarf woman on a bridge over a pit of zombies. He ended up falling in, then throwing a zombie at her (and yes rolled a critical). He climbed out of the pit the victor.

His girlfriend, Vajlik (who switched from male to female each day) congratulated him. They received word that a sorceress had a proposition for them...

They visited the tower of Salrenna Shadowborn, a beautiful wizard with 6 winged wolves called gnashers as her pets and protectors. Salrenna hired Robert, Vajlik, and a handful of other adventurers to explore a dungeon in Thunderspire Labyrinth, beneath the city. She hated Zev, and had heard that his agents were scheming down in the dungeons.

The heroes greeted one another, and took on two hirelings:

Mergle the Gnomeling - He was 3 feet tall and was a cross between a gnome and a halfling.
Haikeeba - A serious asian who also hated Zev, due to his actions during the attack on the city four years prior.

The heroes made their way to the teleport platform, where there was a magical lift that led down to Thunderspire labyrinth. As they neared it, they saw a massive crowd gathered around a band of heroes who had returned from the blood war on the first layer of hell. They had the corpse of a massive fang dragon. All were in awe and were cheering them on or trying to get their attention. They were:

Lady Verin - Paladin of Clarissa (Gentle and eloquent. wields a hovering holy sword called Blaze.
Agrij Agranni - Cleric of Kava Frosthowl (Pessimistic and dour. Wears a belt of giant strength)
Jincks - Human Wizard (Extroverted and optimistic. She had boots of striding and springing.)
Mellyoun - Gnome Bard (Well-dressed, silver tongue. Had a cloak of charisma)
Ryn of Greywood - Half-Elf Ranger (Quiet, Moody, hates drow. Wears a cloak of elvenkind).

Robert Downey wanted to throw a rock at them but was talked down by his alarmed companions.

They headed down to Thunderspire Labyrinth and followed Salrenna's directions through the maze of caverns. They entered a cave with giant mushrooms and tiny, hopping mushroom-people known as campestri. Robert Downey jr. played with one.. and then ate it. The campestri began to close in on him and attack! The heroes made a swift exit.

They passed by The Thunderspire - a mile-tall stalagmite riddles with caves which all were homes to dragons. A number of natural bridges led from ledges to the caves. Strange dragons flew about it. The Thunderspire periodically let out a weird pulse that sounded like thunder, which echoed throughout the underdark. The adventurers kept moving, as to avoid the attention of the dragons.

They crossed over a narrow bridge which spanned a seemingly bottomless pit. The stalactites above were covered in sleeping bat-like creatures. Mergle worried that should the Thunderspire led out a pulse while they crossed, they'd fall to their doom.

Shortly past that, they came upon their destination: A door in a cave wall guarded by a demon.

The demon was nude, had red skin and black eyes. Smoke drifted from his mouth. He had four arms, and in each hand was a black and twisted sword. The heroes spoke to him, and he explained he was bound here by a sorcerer to slay any monsters who tried to leave the dungeon. The heroes were free to come and go as they pleased.

Vajlik found him attractive. She...uh.. gave him some breat milk.

They went through the door. Beyond was a cave with a pool and another demon guarding another door. The pool had shimmering coins in it. he heroes avoided it, sensing a trap.

The demon was female. She had red skin, black wings, hooves, a tail, and she was crying black tears. She wielded a whip with four blades. She told the adventurers they could not pass until they presented her with a "spear of water".

Moo Young used his icy breath to freeze some of the pond water like an icicle. He had figured out the riddle in no time. The demon let them pass.

They opened the 15 foot tall double doors and entered the vast dungeon. They walked down a hallway and stepped on a pressure plate which triggered a rolling ball trap. The heroes dove out of the way and avoided being crushed by the massive stone.

They came upon a room with ghouls. They killed the ghouls quickly.

They then entered a room that was home to a water elemental known as an undine. She was insane and craved humanoid flesh! The room began to fill with water (which she was invisible in). The heroes killed her and moved on.

They found a secret door and opened it - unleashing a weird half-troll wielding a roofing beam. They killed it.

Another secret door let to an incredibly wide and long hallway, littered with pressure plate traps. The heroes carefully located the first trap and avoided it - it set off ten crossbows. It was a deadly trap smartly avoided.

They carefully triggered the second trap, which unleashed 10 flying vampiric toads! The battle was fierce and bloody. Altor went down bleeding badly. Haikeeba frantically did all she could to keep him alive.

Glen desperately wanted to keep one as a pet, and stuffed two of them into a pouch.

But during the chaos, a hero stepped on another pressure plate. This one unleashed a 5 foot wide, 75 foot long giant snake! It attacked! Our heroes were in grave danger....

2. Lucinda

2/28/14: We got back to the game at last..

Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Barbarian

Our heroes awoke in the temple of Fra, their wounds being tended to. They'd gotten into a massive battle in the dungeon with vampiric flying bat-toads and a 75 foot long snake. They'd nearly died.

Once healed, Vajlick, Robert and Glen were sent off to The Blood War. Moo Young and Altor continued to work for Salrenna. She wanted them to go back into the dungeon, sure that Zev's agents were at work.

While healing in the temple, one of the Queen's dryads stopped in. She'd heard of the heroes work, and invited them to a party at her manor.

Moo Young and Altor went. There were stuff pterodactyl-men, and Delphine seemed to have a fenced in area where her stupid slave mongrel-men roamed in captivity.

They met a few different people:

Inspektor Johann - a secret agent of the Olwynn library. He had tracked down a spell book thief to this party. He used his magic rod of truth on Altor, and determined he wasn't the book thief.
Marna - She turned out to be a strange plastic-skinned woman, out to kill the heroes. She was being commanded by a little flameskull.
Norine - a wizard woman who had stolen the spell book from the library. She'd accidentally burned it...
Melyoun - the mighty bard who the heroes glimpsed coming back from the Blood War days earlier (in the previous session). Melyoun was drunk and high, and was at the party to perform. He was immediately smitten with Norine.

Inspektor Johann tried to drug Norine with a truth serum, but Altor intervened. Eventually Melyoun paid her fine with magic items that to him were trash. He gave the heroes his bag of holding. When they peered in the bag, it seemed to lead to a physical vault somewhere with no exits. There were magic inscriptions relating to Valinor, the old goddess of healing who had since become a consort of Mari, Goddess of Luck.

Marna drugged Moo Young, who fell unconscious. Altor killed her, and the flameskull escaped. Marna's body melted into a caucasian puddle.

Before heading back in, Salrenna told the heroes her auguries had determined that they'd meet a healer ally upon re-entering the dungeon.

She was right. Upon entering they came upon a reptilian-skinned warrior-priestess named Lucinda. She was once a human, but had been captured by a mad orc wizard and imprisoned on the third level of this dungeon. Down there, he experimented on her, turning her into a half-alligator. She agreed to team up with the heroes. She explained that the wizard's name was Throck, and he was attended to by a flameskull familiar. The heroes became alarmed - the flameskulls seemed to be agents of Zev! The exploration commenced:

Room A. They found a gem that turned Moo Young into a badger! Sunlight cured it. They went back up, and Moo Young was a dragonborn once more. They carefully placed the gem in their bag of holding, careful not to touch it. They planned to use it as a projectile. Also in this room were magic seven-league boots. They doubled your speed, but could never be taken off. The boots were also impervious to harm. Moo Young decided to wear them.

Room B. An intangible banshee. The heroes used magic to kill it. They let a goblin the banshee had been harassing go free.

Room C. Some loot.

Room D. Many doors.

Room E. Cobwebs

Room F. The heroes were careful and realized that when they opened the door to this room, a viper would jump down on them. They tried to get the jump on the viper, but missed it. They killed it before it could bite them.

Room G. 2 Orcs guarding a gem that, if you fed it your strength, could turn 1000 copper pieces into gold.

Room H. This was just a hallway with a trap. When Moo Young turned the corner, he stepped on a pressure plate that caused a battering ram to hurtle into his chest. Lucinda healed his wound.

Room I. A pit with ladders needed to be traversed. Moo Young climbed in... water began to fall from the ceiling - and pirahnas! He climbed out. Altor used a shocking grasp to electrify the water and kill the pirahnas. As more water and pirahnas fell down, the adventurers raced through the water to the other side.

Room J. Had a snake who spoke draconic - the snake was actually an elven maiden who'd been forced to eat a cursed gem 1300 years ago! The heroes brought her out of the dungeon, and had Salrenna cast remove curse on her. Her name was Janessa. The adventurers decided to let her rest. In a few days, they'd bring her to the Queen.

Room K. They got the drop on a half-ogre

Room L. A lone, cocky gremlin with a knife. Moo Young raced in there and killed him. Once he did, the ceiling vanished and endless piles of copper pieces rained down on him. The others could only watch in the doorway as the dragonborn was buried. Suddenly, he burst up from the coins and raced out of the room. He'd nearly been killed. Lucinda healed his wounds, and they continued on... after pouring thousands of copper into the bag.

Room M. A chest with a viper in it. Altor was careful and realized it was in there. He killed the viper.

Room N. A pool with alligators. Shocking grasp in the pool did the trick.

Room O. A pedestal with a gem on it. It had been flanked by gold statues - one of a man, one of a bear. Moo Young correctly guessed that touching the gem would turn you into a bear. They carefully plopped the bear gem into their bag.

Room X. They listened at the door, heard something in there... and charged in, blindly attacking! Altor fired off a ray of frost! Moo Young charged and hacked into the beast - a 15 foot tall sphinx! The Sphinx was enraged! The heroes stammered, and apologized. Lucinda offered to heal the Sphinx's wounds. They were persuasive, and the sphinx agreed to let the pass if they could solve her riddle. The answer was potato.

Room Y. This was a shifting room with an old man and two bronze statues. The old man explained that they were trapped in the room until someone read the magic words behind the statues. But as soon as you looked at them, the statues would come to life and squash you! The heroes had a solution. They used a sling to fling the badger gem at the statues. They killed one, then kept the other badger for later use. They read the words, and also found a cursed sword called Sunslayer. Moo took it, and would be cured of it by Salrenna shortly.

Room BB. This room had a weak beholder known as a spectator in here, guarding the entrance to level two. The badger gem was used once again to defeat this guardian. Altor found some new spells, a magic staff called Flameheart, and a ring of fire which basically granted immunity to fire.

The heroes decided to rest in the city. They knew Throck, the mead orc wizard, was waiting deeper within...

3. The Ring of the Vampyre

3/7/14: We played til about 2:30, but we got level 2 done.. and the heroes hit level 2!

Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

Our heroes had cleared out the first of the three levels of the Dungeon. Accompanied by Mergle the gnomeling, Haikeeba the hireling, Lucina the alligator/cleric and JAnessa the elf who had been a giant snake for 1300 years, they made their way through thunderspire labyrinth intent on returning to the city of Olwynn to rest.

But an ambush awaited them a the thunderspire. A flameskull named Wetswallow the Enticer and four goblins attacked. The heroes were aided by a small rainbow dragon named Dew. The flameskull fled. Dew offered to bring the heroes to his mother's lair.

The heroes agreed. They entered the sparkling cave of Prismala, the rainbow dragon. Dew was her son, and her daughter was Chromakey, a rainbow dragonborn. Chromakey seemed to take an interest in Moo.

The dragons lived in the Feywild, but had come the the Prime Material Plane to collect colors. Rainbow dragons collected colors, then spit out rainbows after rain storms. The dragons offered to let Janessa stay in Rainbow Castle - the home of the rainbow dragons in the Feywild. Prismala warned that Janessa would have to prove her goodliness to ascend to the castle. The heroes decided to accompany her.

The three dragons combined their breath weapons to create a rainbow bridge, a portal to the Feywild.

The heroes met The Sky Shaper, a sun in the sky who brightened when the heroes did kewl tricks.

To get to Rainbow Castle, they'd need to enter a large floating diamond. But it was guarded by a magic ox. Altor read magic runes on its' horns, dispelling it. Then they entered the diamond and passed three tests:

- Altor stood on a scale and rattled off good deeds
- Moo Young drank different colored potions in the rainbow color order
- Altor used primal clay to craft a symbol of life

The diamond then floated up to Rainbow Castle. Janessa was allowed to stay there and live among the rainbow dragons.

The heroes returned to the labyrinth and went to Olwynn to rest. They told Salrenna Shadowborn about their adventures. She found their stories hilarious. A bard neighbor tried to serenade Salrenna;s beauty. Salrenna sent one of her gnashers (a winged wolf) to chase him off.

The heroes remembered that they'd stuffed a goblin in their bag of holding. He was the goblin being tortured by the banshee in the dungeon. They pulled him out. He agreed to become Salrenna's servant.

The next day, the heroes headed back to the dungeon. It was time to clear out level two, and get that much closer to Throk the orc wizard and his flameskull minion. Was the wizard an agent of Zev? Salrenna seemed to think so.

Room Q: The heroes had to slide down a long, twisting, frictionless slide which sent them hurtling into a spiked wall. They were somehow able to avoid taking too much damage.

Room S: A dwarf named Solingen had a forge, and was busy making a weapon. The flames of his forge were provided by a massive red dragon named Krageela. Moo bought a magic dagger from him. It was indestructable and when thrown, it never missed.

Room T: A pool of water which looked eminently drinkable. Moo wanted poor Mergle to drink from it. Lucinda spoke up and scolded Moo. Moo drank - all of the metal on her turned to gold. Excitedly, she drank again. She turned to gold.

The heroes stuffed her gold body in their bag of holding and spent hours creeping up the slide. They got back to Olwynn and Salrenna cast remove curse, restoring Moo.

Room AA: Th heroes killed a couple orcs, and checked out a pool full of blind barracudas. Altor cast a shocking grasp on the water, electrocuting the fish. On a small island in the water stood a statue holding a gem. Moo flung the badger gem at it. The statue turned into a badger, and the gem it was holding plopped to the ground. They killed the badger and took back both gems. They noticed the badger gem had cracked. They surmised that the next time they used it, it would shatter.

Room U: An earth elemental. When killed, it left behind a gem. All gems were carefully placed in the PCs' bag of holding without being touched.

Room W: A friendly cave bear. The heroes wondered if this was the "god of bears" in disguise.

In a hallway, they triggered a pressure plate. 5 tons of ball bearings fell down on the heroes! Lucinda and Moo were buried. Lucinda freed her self, then reached in and pulled out Moo. Moo thanked her. They'd made friends after their argument at the pool.

Room I: A snake pit. Moo froze them with her ice breath. She pulled out one, a golden adder. It was defrosting. She tried to defang it... but was pricked. The magic adder turned his outside to gold and sucked out Moo's innards.

The heroes had to make another trip back to Salrenna to cure Moo.

Room H: The shedded skin of a two headed serpent. Two eggs - a potent aphrodisiac worth serious gold.

Room P: Inside was a magic suit of silvery armor. Moo put it on, and became a minotaur!

Room O: Three baby red dragons hung out in here. The heroes cautiously fed them snakes. They realized these were Krageela's children, and left them alone.

Room N: Two orcs, one with a whip and one with a huge saber. The adventurers slaughtered them.

Room M: A false door had a magic crystal doorknob. When Moo touched it, it got sucked into his hand and cursed him with reverse gravity. He sighed, climbed into the bag of holding, and the heroes made another trip back to Salrenna for a remove curse.

Room L: A frosty room with an ice elemental in it. They killed it, and a gem was obtained.

Room J. A strong orc hucked a 500 pound boulder at the heroes. The heroes killed him, and found that he had a magic ring that gave him great strength (20 STR for non-orcs, a 26 STR for orcs!). The heroes gave it to Lucinda.

Room K: A sexy vampyre lurked in here. She told the heroes a series of lies, and then got Altor to wear her "magic ring". The ring was The Ring of the Vampyre - it turned Altor into a vampyre! (It gave him a +2 to STR, INT and CHA and he could only be truly "killed" by a wooden stake through the heart. On the downside, he no longer had a shadow and he had to drink humanoid blood every day! If he went four days without blood, he'd turn to dust)

Altor was not unhappy with his transformation. He plunged his wooden staff flameheart through the vampyre's chest, killing her.

Room G: A gelatinous slime with a pulsing gem - looted.

Room F: A gorgon sitting in a chair. The heroes left it alone.

Room D: Nothing

Room C: A gem looted off of a skeleton in a sarcophagus

Room A: An armory brimming with mundane weapons

Room B: A chained demon. Altor could see that the chain was magical. They left the demon be.

Room BB: Two hell hounds chained to a pillar. The heroes killed the hounds, and Moo Young found and claimed a magical crystal sword named Diamond Death.

Room CC: Two orcs and a Worg, who were no match for the heroes. Altor drank the blood of the orcs.

There were stairs that lead down to the third level, as well as a convenient exit.

The adventurers returned to the city to rest. On their next excursion, they'd come back to track down Throk the orc wizard.

4. Jambavan, God of Bears

3/16/14: We played on a Sunday, which was weird...

Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

Our heroes left the dungeon, needing to heal and rest. On the way out, they passed by the two demon guards. The first demon, a red-skinned female with hooves, was shocked to see Moo Young holding the sword called Diamond Death. She explained to Moo Young that Diamond Death contained the essence of the demon lord of her realm. Banitaar had transformed him into the sword after a disagreement.

The male demon felt threatened by Moo Young, and agressively scanned the heroes for any property forbidden to be taken out of the dungeon. Banitaar had charged him with killing anyone who tried to take one of her magic gems. Because they were in the magic bag of holding, the demon did not sense them.

The adventurers crossed the pit, passed the thunderspire, and entered the mushroom cavern. In it was the rainbow dragonborn Chromakey. She killed an ogre, and then drained his color for her family's collection. She greeted the heroes warmly. She watched in horror as Altor pounced on the ogre and drank his blood. Moo Young tried to smooth it over, but Chromakey was not happy and left the heroes.

They returned to the city of Olwynn above, and went home to the tower of Salrenna Shadowborn. She sent Moo Young's protege to go and get drinks and to get books on Banitaar from Olwynn's library. Salrenna had trained the captured goblin to be her servant, whose job was to hold her drinks and hold up her book when she read it.

The heroes told her their latest adventures, and then went to rest. As Moo Young slept, Altor was in an elf trance. There was a knock at the door. It was Haikeeba the hireling. She asked Altor for the ring of the vampyre. He assumed she wanted to become a vampyre like him, but in reality, she thought it was evil and was trying to trick him into handing it over. She tried to seduce him, and when that failed, she tried to snatch the ring away.

She left the tower that night. The next day, she went to the inn that was home to the heroes of the city (who were 15th level). Lady Verin, paladin of Clarissa, and Agrij Agranni, dwarf cleric of Kava Frosthowl, went with her to confront the heroes.

They spotted the heroes in the city, making their way to the platform that would bring them down to thunderspire labyrinth. The heroes realized they were being tailed. They ran, jumped into the bag of holding, and Moo Young used her magic boots to run supr-fast. She grabbed a disguise of a pand=person rikshaw driver. The heroes escaped.

They went back into the dungeon. The killed an orc guard. Lucinda had been imprisoned on the this third level, and told the heroes what she remembered. There was a huge lake. There was a giant crossbow. She was held in a cage, along with a dwarf and a woman with pink hair. And they were guard by a half-orc/half-lion (another of Throk, the mad orc wizard's creations.

They ended up in a hallway.

Room M. 3 crocodiles, easily killed.

Then they decided to use the crocodiles and swim across the lake to where the utterly massive crossbow was. They popped out of the water and slaughtered the 3 orcs manning it.

DD. They avoided this room, as the door was very hot.

Room W. An octopus statue. They decided not to touch it.

Room FF. The heroes heard a booming voice alert the lone orc inside. The whole complex was being watched by gremlins with crystal balls. An orc wizard used magic to alert the monsters in the dungeon to their movements. The heroes killed the guard. The booming voice mobilized many monsters from inside the place

Room GG. This held a 10 foot tall phallic stone. A heavenly voice offered three wishes to any who rubbed it. Moo Young did so. It was a trick! I freed an ancient exarch of Arawn called Caviler the Axe Warder from magical imprisonment. Caviler was like a 10 foot tall ogre with acid pee. The heroes ran and shut the vault door. Caviler used his acid pee to burn his way through. They through the badger gem at him. It had no effect. They tried other gems.. no effect.

They ran back to the giant crossbow. Caviler chased them. They fired the huge bolt at him (and rolled so low for damage.. they did 11 points!). Caviler was fixated on Lucinda, as he hated women.  he peed on her - making her blind momentarily. Then he snatched her up and bit her. She was dying! He tossed her into the water. Mergle screamed and raced to pull her out. Altor staggered Caviler with a spell, and then Moo Young cut off his penis, killing him.

Moo Young's sword drank the blood, filling the hollow crystal blade almost completely.

Somewhere in there, they killed some harpies and tritons, too. The tritons had neck crystals that let you breathe underwater.

Room II. This was the "headquarters". 25 gremlins with crystal balls could see the pcs coming. They ran way. The heroes killed the orc wizard.

Room HH. This room held Jambavan, GOD OF BEARS. He said he'd waited er for centuries, making sure his enemy Caviler stayed imprisoned. Once the heroes brought Caviler;s corpse to him, he gave Caviler's spirit a bearhug of eternity. He rewarded the heroes by blessing them. They were now friends of the bears. They could speak to bears, and bears would never attack them.

5. The Orc Wizard

3/21/14: We started a little earlier than usual

Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

The adventurers braced themselves, and dove into the cold lake. They swam across to the half of the dungeon on the eastern side, avoiding the massive statue whose head rose out of the water.

They came upon an empty barracks, and a room brimming over with treasure! thousands upon thousands of coins - gold, silver, even mithril! The heroes sensed something was up with the treasure. They decided to leave it be for now.

Room K. This was empty. It was where the gremlins would sleep.

Room J. A kitchen with a magic "oven" room and a magic "freezer" room. The magic "freezer" room had an ice elemental, which the heroes took down.

Out in the main hall, an orc stood watch, ready to warn Throk of the heroes' approach. He gave a shout. The heroes killed him.

Room I. The study of Throk. Throk, who had been alerted, had run into the adjoining room...

Room D. The adventurers fought Throk, an orc/lion hybrid, and Viridious the Flameskull. The orc/lion dropped Lucinda (with a critical!). The heroes killed the orc/lion and Viridious. Mergle freed a prisoner - a dwarf named Yurn Nigar.

Lucinda had been caged in here with Yurn before he escaped. Yurn and Mergle bandaged her wounds and prevented her from bleeding to death.

Throk fled (having only a single hit point left). He tried to unleash some animals from Room C. But they ended up fighting each other. He released bears and jaguars. Bears, being friends of the heroes thanks to their blessing from Jambavan, god of the bears.

Moo Young used his magic boots (which gave him 3 times normal speed). But as he raced up the stairs, he set off a portcullis trap. Throk got away!

The heroes freed and chatted with some prisoners:

Selara Silverfist: A pink haired, beautiful woman wearing legwarmers wo was obsessed with death
Yurn Nigar: A dwarf embalmer
Gashsnarl Belgar: A traitorous orc

The heroes went back to Room T and tried to figure out the treasure trap. Selara played naked in it. Yurn was overjoyed. Eventually the heroes took some of it. The massive statue in the lake gave chase! There heroes fled up and out of the dungeon. The statue followed them, collapsing the place as it went!

The heroes got to the exit guarded by the female red-skinned demon with the cloven hooves. She was enamored with Moo Young, thinking that since he held Diamond Death that he may one day rule her home plane which she called "The Eclogitic Slough".

The male demon hated Moo Young and wanted a reason to kill him. But both demons were worried. The statue had a ring which held a gem on it. The demons were bound to fight it, and they knew they had no chance of defeating it.

The heroes realized that it was after the treasure from Room T., and that it would chase them forever. They flung the treasure down the stairs. The statue stopped.

Our heroes left and made their way back through the caverns. They crossed over the bottomless pit. They got to the Thunderspire, and saw that Throk's bloody trail led to a cave in the Thunderspire! They decided to try to get the Rainbow dragons to help them fight the Gorynych.

But the Rainbow Dragons wanted nothing to do with the heroes. Since Chromakey had realized Altor was a vampyre (last session), her family was repulsed. They ordered the heroes to leave them be.

The heroes went through the mushroom caverns. Their two bears decided to stay there, drinking from the puddles and gnawing on mushrooms.

The heroes arrived in the Seven-Pillared hall, and found two people waiting for them - Lady Verin and Agrij Agranni! They were part of the most powerful adventuring band in the city, and Haikeeba had told them about Altor's ring of the vampyre. Lady Verin demanded it.

After a bit of arguing, Altor handed it over. Agrij was rude, Lady Verin less so. Lady Verin told Lucinda to watch Altor and make sure he did not commit any evil acts. She swore to do so. Lady Verin also told the heroes to leave Haikeeba alone.

The heroes told them about the Gorynych. Lady Verin said they might look into it.

The adventurers took the lift up into the city of Olwynn. As they made their way home, a panda-person offered them a free ride. They realized that their enchanted gift of friendship from all bears extended to the panda-people!

They returned to Salrenna's tower. Pink-haired Selara Silverfist made herself right at home. The adventurers were getting tired of her talking about death and the Shadowfell all the time.

Salrena got to work identifying the magic gems. It took her a day for each one. During that time, the heroes fought in the arena every day. This allowed Altor to drink blood (which he had to do daily), and allowed Moo Young's blade to kill (which it also had to do pretty much every day, or else it would turn on him).

Salrenna sent Moo Young's protege to get some books from the library. With them, she learned about Banitaar's gem magic, and how Banitaar came to connect with the Eclogitic Slough. The Slough was a plane of the abyss where magic stones grew. They were like ioun stones, but demonic. They were known as soul stones.

Banitaar became obsessed with them, and made a pact with the demon lord of the realm - Dyakis. Eventually the two fought. Banitaar defeated him, and all that remained of him was his crystal stinger - which was the blade of Moo Young's sword: Diamond Death.

If Moo Young killed enough people with the sword, it would bring Dyakis' power. Salrenna wasn't sure if Dyakis would be reborn, or if Moo Young would inherit his power. The demons she'd met seemed unsure as well.

The heroes had tried to get a gig with the city as executioners as a way to fill their daily blood requirements, but that didn't go over so well. they had met with the great bard Solufine, who had wanted to record the heroes deeds. But he got weirded out and asked them to leave.

The heroes also visited Lucinda at the Church of Clarissa. They met her sometimes-boyfriend, Kurmbag Quilge. He didn't like Moo Young, and he didn't like that Lucinda had to travel with a vampyre.

There was a montage of the heroes arena fights which included a chariot race with goblins - Moo Young jumped onto their chariot and tossed them. The heroes killed a gnoll, a hobgoblin, all sorts of creatures. The crowd at first was unnerved y Altor's vampirism and Moo Young's blinding speed, but over the week they seemed fond of the heroes.

Once Salrenna had identified all of the gems, she cast Divination. Her magic smoke pot revealed another agent of Zev and another flameskull, this one with purple flames. these two were seen looking at the village of Duponde, which was a few days to the south.

The heroes geared up to head out.

6. Town of the Dead

4/4/14: Zombies and stuff

Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

Salrenna Shadowborn had a vision of another agent of Zev. This one was a drow with a purple flameskul. She seemed to be lurking in Duponde, a town far to the south of Olwynn.

The heroes had been fighting int he gladiator arena. Their new ally, pink-haired Selara Silverfist watched from the crowd, as she was obsessed with death.

Moo Young, Altor and Lucinda bought horses and rode south. It was a 6 day journey. Altor had to drink blood almost every day, and Moo Young's sword Diamond Death demanded a soul each day. This meant a nuber of montage side adventures:

- They stopped at the Sleeping Dragon Inn, where a bugbear prostitute who'd just helped Moo out, talked about some evil gopher-men who burrowed and stole from them. The heroes crept through the tunnel and killed them.

- They killed a wizard who rode on a platform of animated undead legs.

- They stopped in Holmaren, and headed out to the Moathouse and killed a woman who was something of a master of skunks.

- They killed some alcoholic wild elves who tried to rob the heroes for booze.

The heroes arrived at Duponde and met with the head of the guard, Marshal Grimbold in the armory. While discussing the agent of Zev, a citizen was brought in to the armory. He said that a "homeless person" had bit him. Lucinda looked at the wound. It was infected.

They all headed to the church of peace. Along the way, a tiefling maid was being chased by... a zombie! Altor froze its' leg with a spell. It shattered. The zombie still crawled toward them! They killed it by hitting it in the head.

At the church were 15 citizens. 3 had been bit by zombies. The heroes realized that they were infected.

They met a few people:

Krugan the Dwarf: He ran the general store. He made and sold alchemist's fire in a special sealed vault in the basement of his store. Marshal Grimbold hated it - if tair ever hit that vault, the whole town would explode!

Brother Zelan: A portly, eccentric priest of Clarissa. He was fascinated by Lucinda's crocodile skin.

Zelan told them about the town's history. 4 heroes had saved Duponde from a curse 150 years ago - the town fell into the Shadowfell (in the Dark Legacy of Evard campaign). One of the heroes had may, many children with the townsfolk. One of his descendants, E'Sprite the IV killed a green dragon that was menacing the town. The dragon was buried as a trophy in E'Sprite the Iv's crypt.

Zelan gave the heroes an item that had saved the town before. It was the Symbol of Light. Lucinda held it, and regarded it with awe.

The PCs started trying to make decisions, and Marshal Grimbold flipped out. He told the heroes that he was running this "monkey farm". The people began boarding up the doors and windows of the church, as the zombies were spreading and would likely soon come for them.

The heroes climbed onto the roof, and saw a column of green gas rising into the sky coming from the cemetery. They decided to head there. Madora, the tiefling made, wanted to come, too. She had run into Moo Young's arms when the zombie chased her, and she stayed close to the dragonborn since.

they made their way to the cemetery and killed some more zombies. The agent of Zev emerged. She was a drow covered in tattoos of symbols of Zev and Orcus! Her purple flameskull hovered beside her. She held a shadowstone in her hand - green smoke billowed from it up into the clouds. She told the heroes they were too late. Duponde was doomed to all to the zombie plague. She vowed to take the shadowstone to Olwynn to destroy it as well.

The heroes killed her pretty swiftly. The flameskull tried to run, but Moo Young cleaved it in half. Lucinda used the symbol of light to destroy the shadowstone.

Moo Young decided to use his magic boots to race into town to get the people i the church out. He sped off into town.

Then, to Altor's dismay, a zombie dragon exploded from a crypt! It groaned "Shimshini!" (draconic for "brains!"). The dragon had no interest in Altor, who was a vampyre and thus was undead. It grabbed and bit Lucinda, who luckily was not infected. She slipped out of its' grasp and healed herself.

Altor enchanted 5 bolts of a crossbow with an "arrow arrow straight and true spell", which made them auto-hit. Madora, the tiefling made, bravely fired at the dragon, striking it again and again. The dragon breathed trioxin gas on her. She fell to the ground, dead and infected. Soon, she would rise as a zombie!

Altor climbed onto the back of the zombie dragon, using a series of shocking grasp spells on it. It flew up into the air, swiping at him. Lucinda raced over to the corpse of Madora, grabbed he crossbow, and fired a bolt through the dragon's skull, killing it. It and Altor fell 20 feet to the ground. Altor was fatally injured. Lucinda healed him with a healing word spell.

Lucinda cut off Madora's head, so she would die and not rise up as a zombie. Then she cut off and kept her hand... Lucinda thought Madora might be able to be raised at the church. She felt that Madora was a hero and deserved to be brought back to life, if her soul was willing.

They ran to the General Store. Along the way, they ran into Marshal Grimbold. Moo Young had evacuated him and the villagers and had ran on to the general store, with Brother Zelan in his bag. Zelan, while in there, accidentally touched the magic copper gem, which drained some his strength and turned 1000 copper into 1000 gold!

Marshal Grimbold and the villagers were hurt and being chased by the zombies. Grimbold saw Altor and Lucinda and blamed them for what had happened. He shot Altor with a crossbow, dropping him. Lucinda healed him. Grimbold tried to kill Krugan the dwarf but his crossbow jammed. A horde of zombies descended on Grimbold and tore him apart. Altor, Lucinda and Krugan ran to the general store.

Moo Young was there, too. He'd evacuated the villagers, and realized that the only way to stop the spread of the zombie infection was to ignite the vault of alchemist's fire, blowing up the entire town.

Altor came up with a clever device, a rope holding up a pint of alchemist' fire that would lowly burn through. One the rope burned, the pint would drop and destroy the vault's sea, causing a massive explosion.

The heroes all climbed into the bag of holding, save for Moo Young, Moo used his magic boots to race out of Duponde, avoiding the zombie hordes. He barely got out of town when the explosion rocked the town, reducing it to a raging fireball. Flaming debris fell all around Moo Young. The zombies were dead. The agent of Zev's plot had been foiled.

7. Many Gates of the Gann

4/13/14: Doing this one from memory, it was a while back...

Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

Because our heroes had saved Jambavan, god of bears, all of the panda-people in Olwynn instinctively liked them. The heroes got free rikshaw rides. 4 panda-people visited their keep in the haunted forest to give free massages and happy endings.

Salrenna had another vision in - Throk, the orc wizard who had escaped the heroes in the dungeon of the Bear, was lurking in a new dungeon.

Our heroes went to track him down and finish him off. The place was an ancient magical lab, where a wizard known as The Gann had been experimenting on apes. There were ape laser statues, lobotomized apes, shrunken ape heads, and apes behind stasis fields.

Throk was trying to sway a wizard named Ashkasar toward Zev. Ashkasar was more concerned with studying the work of The Gann.

There was another faction in the dungeon - snake-men known as Zerpanaxes. They had the ability to half-swallow humanoids and merge with them, and in the case of wizards, even use their spells. Throk ended up merging with a Zerpanax.

The heroes busted in, befriended Ashkasar and allowed him to fell. They killed the Zerpanaxes and Throk.

It turned out the Zerpanaxes were trying to gain access to a vault that held a very powerful item - The Annihilation Seed. It was encased in obsidian. Should it ever be shattered, it would create a magical storm and destroy everything in a five mile radius.

Obviously, The Gorynych wanted the Seed so he could destroy Olwynn with it....

8. Moo Young's Spelljammer Adventure

4/27/14: Just Jessie for this one

Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

Salrenna had another vision - she saw a asteroid garden in space. There were gnomes building near it. Salrenna told Moo to stop the gnomes from entering the garden - nobody should ever go in there.

It was an odd request, and seemed to have othing to do with Zev at all.

Moo hired a spelljammer ship to take here to the asteroid, which was about 5 days travel. The ship was crewed y Valdemar, a space pirate, a space sage, a space babe, and a crew of grommams (monkey men).

As they flew into space, a scro ship attacked (space orcs! Jessie pointed out that they sounded like scrotum-men). An elven ship flew in to aid Moo's ship. The elves were enemies of the Scro and were kind of the unofficial guardians of wildspace.

The ship landed on the nearby asteroid of NEdragaard (wich was the site of the final battles in both Nyrodspace I and NyrodSpace II, as well as the home to Overlord Gaston in his solo campaign). There were a few settlers who lived int he ruins of Nedragaard. There was an Arcane selling spelljamming equipment, and an in/brothel.

Valdemar the space pirate decided to visit the brothel. He spent some time with Sibyl Slapthighs, and had an awkward encounter which Moo heard through the wall (Valdemar rolled a 3 - erectile dysfunction).

Moo had his hands full with Dawn, a darksail. Darksails wore a mysterious mask while they worked. Moo tried hard to get Dawn to reveal herself, but Dawn would not. Moo Young proceeded to go to town on her (with a cool natural 18) which left Dawn exhausted and pleased.

The space journey resumed. Along the way, the ship had to deal with space worms and scavvers (space sharks). This worked out for Moo, because her demon blade Diamond Death demanded blood every day. If Moo went more than 3 or 4 days without killing, the sword would turn on him!

At the asteroid, Moo saw that the gnomes were not a threat. They were making stupid inventions (a walking couch powered by urine) and building massive tubes for their giant space hamsters to travel in. Some of the tubes were close to the garden. The gnomes planned on building into the garden - they were curious. It was guarded by a magic lightning storm.

Moo defied Salrenna's orders. She went into the garden. In it she found 3 pods. Inside each was the body of.. Salrenna Shadowborn. One had blonde hair, another brown, and another was an elf!

Moo didn't understand what this was. She'd eventually learn that these were godspawn plants - gods used them to grow bodies for them to use for avatars, aspects, or just to send their consciousness into.

Moo wasn't sure who or what Salrenna's true story was any more...

9. The Annihilation Seed

5/11/14: George couldn't make it, so we just said Altor was there as an NPC

Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

Moo Young bought a giant space hamster to keep. A space owl named Wortley had joined the crew of the ship. They flew back to Nedragaard, which orbited the world of Nyrod.

They landed there. Valdemar went to visit the prostitute Sibyl Slapthighs again. He redeemed himself from his previous performance.

Moo looked for Dawn the Darksail. She was being harassed by a guy who turned out to be her pimp. When Moo told him to back off, a fight broke out. The guy suddenly transformed into an armored being known as a bionoid!

The dragonborn felt his heart pound.. Diamond Death sprung into life! Moo turned into... a demon! He took on the form of Dyakis the demon lord!

Moo pummeled and killed the bionoid as the stunned citizens of Ndragaard watched.

The barbarian took Dawn with him, back to Olwynn. In private, Dawn showed Moo her face (We cooked up a bunch of ideas for what her face was - it included scars, nymph face that charmed, and monster mouth like mileena from Mortal Kombat) and it turned out she had a... sloth face. As in, Sloth from the Goonies. Yikes.

Moo brought Dawn to the keep to live.

Not long after, Squirting Vajlick and Robert Downey jr. came to visit. There was an urgent need for the heroes at the church of Fra. It turned out that the heroes were needed in FRa's demiplane of Bliss!

After a ritual circle, a flight over the sea of jizz on a pegasus, the heroes were broguht to one of the ball-palace halls. Inside was.. Pollidemia! The former evil goddess, who had been killed, thn made an udnead thrall of Zev, and then freed by the pirate champions of Fra (in Skull & Shackles). It turned out Pollidemia was in FRa's domain, hiding out from Zev.

She explained that because Moo had seen the godspawn "clones" of Salrenna, they knew too much. Pollidemia explained that Salrenna was a vessel of hers, a way for her to strike back at Zev's agents without being discovered. But now, because the heroes knew it was Pollidemia, a god who scanned their minds would know too. And if Pollidemia wiped their memories clean, a god would sense the taint of pollidemia on them and the trail could lead back to her.

Pollidemia told the heroes that they'd have to stay in the demiplane of bliss, to make sure that Zev couldn't find her.

Moo started to argue. Suddenly, Jambavan, god of bears appeared! He said that he would shield the heroes' minds from Zev and the gods. Jambavan explained that because he was an entity unrelated to Zev's schemes and had no history, none would link him to Pollidemia.

This worked for her. The heroes returned home... well,they returned home after Moo Young made a stop at the Isle of Rape Fantasies and messed around with a nymph. Even Tyrape-a-saurus Sex was in awe as Moo transformed into Dyaks the demon lord and commenced with the raping.

Deep in thunderspire labyrinth, the Gorynych had captured Ashkasar, the wizard from the ape-laser dungeon. The gorynych tortured him until he revealed that the heroes likely had the annihilation seed. The seed could destroy olwynn.

The gorynych had made new allies once he fled deeper into the labyrinth. He sent a doppleganger (a shapeshifter) up into olwynn with one goal - steal the annihilation seed!

The doppleganger took the form of a panda-person named Fengfang Fap. She was a cuddler. She cuddled with Mergle the first night, and then with Moo the second. The dopplegange woke in the middle of the night, grabbed Moo's bag of holding, and crept downstairs.

(We then rolled to see if any of the NPCs heard... they all did. The NPC allies rolled ridiculously high for this section of the game!)

Mergle (the tiny gnomeling), Selara Silverfist (the pink-haired woman obsessed with death) and Melora (the sexy tiefling maid) all awoke and accosted the thief. Melora cracked him in the head with a pan and Selara wrapped her thighs around his neck. Mergle woke Moo. They questioned the doppleganger, and learned that he'd be sent by the gorynych to steal the annihilation seed. Moo and Selara killed him.

They ended up visiting Queen Tarentia to figure out what to do with the Annihilation Seed. The high-level party got involved. The paladin of Clarissa, Lady Verin, asked to use it in the Blood War. She did.

Lady Verin did not tell her allies her true plan. She made up an excuse, and traveled in Avernus (the first layer of hell) alone. She went beneath the bronze citadel - the home of the pit fiend generals of the blood war - and she  shattered the Seed.

The magic storm killed Lady Verin, destroyed the center of the citadel, and created a massive pit that devoured the citadel, killing all of Hell's generals in one swift strike.

The suicide mission meant that for the first time in the eons-long blood war, the demons and the gods of Nyrod might actually secure the first layer of hell!

10. The Blood War


Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

The heroes rested at their keep in the haunted forest. Each of them, along with Moo's sidekick, Bidam, took care of a few things.
he city was abuzz. All able-bodied citizens were asked to report to the planar gate in the city. The effort to take the first layer of hell was happening immediately! Because the Annihilation Seed had been used, the generals of hell were dead and Avernus was up for the taking.
Bidam, the black-scaled dragonborn:

- Tried to clean some gnasher poop off of Salrenna's tower. He fell (rolled a 1), was knocked out by the sleep mushrooms, and the poop fell in his mouth
- He cleaned the goblin's underwear expertly (rolled high)
- He gave Salrenna a sponge bath and did not get a  boner (made his save)

Moo Young, the white-scaled dragonborn:

- Dawn didn't understand that she didn't have to be a prostitute anymore. Once Moo explained that, Dawn thanked Moo profusely and begged him not to tell anyone what she looks like.
- Madora the tiefling maid was crying, thinking about her dead mother in Duponde. She told Moo that he was her only family, and gave him a necklace with an odd symbol on it that had been in her family for many years.
- Selara was riding Moo's giant space hamster. Selara told Moo her new goal in life: For someone to breath their last, dying breath into her vagina.


- Was summoned to Jambavan's planar home. There, the god of bears had Altor the vampyre drink his blood!
- Altor felt weird. He grew to 50 feet tall, and sprouted some hair on his chest.
- Jambavan grew 50 feet tall and wrestled him. The whole thing was like a dream. Altor fell back into the keep, weakened and tired.

The next day, the heroes met with Mellyoun the high level bard. Kinloch, the warlock, and a few hundred shadow demons and Murklings from his master's home plane volunteered to go too. Kinloch hoped that this would grant him access to the Queen, who he had a thing for.

The heroes went to Abaddon the planar city. They met General Blitzkrieg (an elf/werewolf/battlemind from the Blackmoor campaign) and his lady, Bazuuma (an aspiring demon lord of pride - she was super-hot except for her 20 eyes/ She was once a vain and loathsome creature, but Blitzkrieg had infused her with positive energy from Eberron and changed her for the better).

Blitzkrieg was super-fast. He raced Moo to Demonwing (the ship that would sail the river styx and take everyone to hell). There were three obstacles. All of them slowed up Blitzkrieg and caused him to lose the race:

- A guy on a stretcher
- A guy suffering a PTSD flashback to blood war violence
- A guy charmed by a succubus to pants himself. Poor Blitzkrieg ran right into the guy.

They sailed to Hell on Demonwing. At the shores of the river, thousands of soldiers and demons (manes, mostly) mustered. Altor's rival gladiator, The Battle Nurse, was there, glaring. They exchanged words.

Blitzkrieg led the heroes, soldiers, demons, Kinloch and his shadow demons to their destination: the holding of Duke of Hell. He was Duke Furcas. He had 20 legions of devils at his command.

After 5 days of marching, there was a great battle. The heroes' job was to bus into the dungeon and secret any prisoners of the Duke - they may have valuable knowledge.

The heroes slew some legion devils and freed a genasi, two devils and a large fellow welded to a throne. They also secured infernal contracts, notes about Zuggtmoy and notes on one of the four Whore Queens of Hell - Doloras.

Blitzkrieg killed Duke Furcas. The mission had been a complete success... and then, as if in slow motion, Aoskar appeared with Piranoth! Two undead gods under the command of Zev! There had been rumors that Zev was working with the devils! Piranoth smashed an earth fist into the army, killing many manes and sending dust and lava spraying into the air.

Moo Young activated Diamond Death and became Dyakis - 50 feet tall! Altor activated his power given to him by Jambavan, he too grew to 50 feet tall!

The heroes assaulted Piranoth while Aoskar watched. Then, from out of nowhere, Demogorgon showed up. With his aid, Piranoth was quickly destroyed. Aoskar vanished as swiftly as he arrived.

Demogorgon sniffed each of them. He recognized Dyakis. He also knew the scent of Jambavan! He moved as if he was ready to attack Altor, but then he turned away. Things were happening all over Avernus at once, and Demogorgon was needed elsewhere.

The heroes moved rubble off of victims, until they could no longer sustain their colossal forms. They became normal again, and were very tired.

They'd learn a few things in the next few days:

- Duke Furcas' home held a hellmouth that was a direct portal to the second layer of Hell, a key strategic point.
- Unclaimed souls were beginning to clog up the River Styx. The demon lords immediately began arguing over who got to claim them
- The gods were on a secret mission to snatch Kurtulmak, god of the kobolds, who had been their secret ally for years. His tunnels under Avernus were key to the destruction of the Bronze Citadel. On their way to meet him, Zev and Orcus suddenly attacked! Zev and Orcus had to flee, but Zev was able to snatch back the sould and body of Duskeater from Kava Frosthowl (she wore Duskeater's soul on her tattoo)

The heroes talked it over, and realized they now possessed the power to take down the Gorynych for good.

But first, General Scarlet Hydra had a lot of questions for the heroes and their incredible, godlike powers.

11. Duskeater

5/25/14: Our tropical starburst bag had an alarmingly disproportionate number of disgusting yellow ones in it

Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

Having successfully fought alongside the army in Hell, the heroes had worked with General Blitzkrieg to secure the iron fortress of Duke Furcas. The fortress had a hellmouth protal to the second layer, and thus was an improtant strategic location.

The adventurers were ordered to march back to the river styx along with kinloch and the shadow demons. It was a five day journey with no devils in sight. Fireballs rained down from the clouds every hour. Altor was able to satiate his need for blood on a few manes that made the journey with them. Sometimes the chaotic manes attacked, which gave Altor a reason to kill them and suck their blood. On other occasions, he just attacked them unprovoked.

At the river styx, The general awaited them inside a glowing portal - it was the effect of a Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion spell. Inside the glowing light was a magic mansion with tranparent servants. Waiting inside for the heroes was:

General Scarlet Hydra - Leader of the armies (and a a character from the demonweb campaign)
Craglor - A wizard from Olwynn who had made the mansion
Demo-Yannoth - A spawn of demogorgon wi one male drow head and one female green succubus head (grandson/daughter of demogorgon, son/daughter of Yogg saron from the Savage Tide campaign)
Nevreth - An albino gnoll general of Yeenoghu (demon lord of gnolls)
Violet - A "radiant sister" with a purple halo - a high-ranking agent of Maluriath (Queen of the Succubi)

They first used spells and owers to try to learn about the heroes' strange powers, but Jambavan god of the bears had protected them from such scrying (to protect the fact that the heroes knew where Pollidemia was)

There was questioning and arguing. The general feeling was that Scarlet Hydra was worried that the heroes would use their powers for evil. She felt they were too powerful to run around unchecked.

This discussion was put on hold. Outside at the river styx, two demon lords were fighting over the unclaimed souls. Since the army had taken the first level of hell, the souls that appeared in hell were going unclaimed.

Altor pounced on Yeenoghu and began sucking his blood. Moo Young went after Demogorgon. Demogorgon used a gaze attack to beguile and stun Moo in his Dyakis form.

Demogorgon's grandchild, DemoYannoth gre to 50 feet tall and attacked Moo Young. Eventually the demon lords backed off. Yeenoghu scowled at Altor. Altor had hurt him badly, and he did it infront of everyone. Yeenoghu clearly wanted revenge.

The adventurers went back to Olywynn to their keep in the haunted forest. They found pink-haired Selara Silverfist chatting with a shadow demon, who was telling her all about the Shadowrealm. Brother Zelan, the cleric the heroes rescued from the zombie town of Duponde, visited the heroes for dinner.

Agents of th eQueen Arrived - Ardra (the elf from the Demonweb campaign), Strom Wakeman the blury mage, 4 pegataurs and the One Who Watches (who has a dimensional prison inside of him). They wanted the heroes to either swear a magical oath to the queen or leave Olwynn forever.

There was a lot of arguing. The heroes had Strom Wakeman do it. They wanted to know why he is so blurry (see the mind flayer trilogy for details). They eventually drank it. They were now magically bound to follow the Queen's orders, or else they would slowly wither and die, and their souls would be sucked into the dimensional prison.

Then the heroes went back inside and ate. Brother Zelan asked the heroes what they had done when the city was attacked by the drow four years ago:

- Moo Young was in the statue of Kava Frosthowl, frozen in stasis as KAva's spirit took control of it and attacked Lolth.

- Alotr lived in a bar called The Eyebiter, owned by Gleep Wurp. When the drow attacked, one wounded one stumbled into the bar. Altor cast Ray of Frost and killed it. When Zev resurrected it as a ghoul, Altor killed it again.

That night, Dawn the Darksail entertained Moo with her new white dragon-style mask and lingerie. Then she blew the dragonborn, using warm pudding to couneract Moo's icy semen spray (yup)

The next day the heroes headd into thunderspire labyrinth. They had consulted with Salrenna Shadowborn and learned that the Gorynych, the dragon agent of Zev, had flew to the lower tunnels.

They went down to the bottom of the thunderspire. An obsidian dragon was perched on an island in a lava pool, watching them intently. There was a cave in the base of the thunderspire with a swirling universe vortex pulsing with a heartbeat. The heroes passed these things by and headed into the tunnels.

They ran into the rainbow dragonborn Chromakey, who was trading with some Tortles (humanoid turtles). Chromakey teamed up with the heroes.

The gorynych was in an ancient temple of Zagyg, the mad time-travelling god who had populated Nyrodspace on a whim thousands of years ago. The heroes passed through the double doors, and were cursed by Zagyg from the Dreamlands (more on that later), They passed through a trap room with pits that had invisible covers which were actually the only safe things to walk on.

Then they came to a huge hall with a 100 foot-tall ceiling. The ceiling had a magical effect that made it look like the night sky. A fight broke out. The heroes, Chromakey and Lucinda the cleric attacked the Gorynych and his 9 flameskulls. Altor and Moo assumed their monster forms.

Duskeater, Zev's imp who was freed from Kava's tattoo prison during the battle in hell, appeared with Aoskar in the constellation. Duskeater mocked the heroes, and told the Gorynych that he was a failure and expected him to die.

Duskeater asked the heroes to join the Shadow Pantheon. He accused them of having buttsex with Jambavan the god of the bears. Altor bit into the Gorynych's main head and sucked blood from it. Altor and Moo both told Duskeater no.

"You stupid shit," said Duskeater. "I'm just examining you now. I'm going to learn your weaknesses. So far I have: Bear sphincter. Did you lick it? I think you did!

The Gorynych used his whip-like tails to wrap around Altor's neck and pull him back, so that Altor could no longer suck on his blood.

Duskeater told the heroes he'd kill them and then make them undead members of the Shadow Pantheon under Zev's control. Duskeater also pointed out that while Zev and the Shadow Pantheon couldn't safely appear on the world of nyrod without being attacked by the gods and the primal spirits, Duskeater could appear freely. He also pointed out that he was the lord of the ghouls as well. The heroes were getting sick of him, and started considering going after him. Duskeater was hovering 80 feet up. He nervously looked back at the weird star-ceiling, warning Aoskar to teleport him away if need be.

Altor tore off two of the Gorynych's three heads, killing him. The flameskulls were in shock.

Duskeater bragged about how Zev ruled all of night time. He threatened to send an agent to steal one of each of their balls.

Moo had heard enough. He teleported 80 feet up, sunk his claws into Duskeater, and they both plummetted to the ground. Duskeater begged Moo to let him live. Altor tried to bite and missed (rolled a one). Duskeater accussed him of trying to suck on his mighty genitals, and was shocked that he missed because they are so gigantic.

Duskeater tried to escape Moo's grasp but failed. Moo punched him in the face (critical hit for 3 points!). Altor sucked on his blood. Aoskar finally teleported him up. Duskeater yelled at the heroes: "Fuck you!" and warned that  he will own one of each of their balls and turn them magic items to give to his servants.   

Duskeater and Aoskar teleported away. The heroes killed the flameskulls. Moo and Altor resumed their mortal forms, and were very weak and tired. Chroamakey led them to Tortle Village, where they slept in a hut.

Zagyg's curse kicked in. The heroes' spirits flew to the Dreamlands, where they had to dream their way through the first level of a dungeon Zagyg had created - Castle Greyhawk (the pardoy omodule, not the real one).

They tore through it. A "Random Monster Generator" was stuck to "on". The first level was where all of the "below standard" monsters were teleported to. The heroes hacked their way through a bunch of weird, pointless rooms full of gas spores, gas orcs, jet-propelled stalagmites etc. They found that anything they took would appear with them in the real world. So Moo decided to take some creatures with him:

- A uniduck (a duck with a unicorn horn, noble and true)
- A minitaur (a 3 foot tall minotaur)
- 5 miniature giants (5 foot tall fire giant, hill giant, stone giant, and 2 frost giants)

The heroes awoke in Tortle village, with all these new weird allies lying alongside them, confused.

12. The Abyssal Realm of Nephrax


Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

The adventurers woke up in Tortle Village. The weird creatures they'd met in Castle Greyhawk had stayed with them! They said goodbye to Chromakey and went home. They tried to settle in their new allies in their keep in the Haunted Forest:

Uniduck: It hated the shadow fiends who flew into the keep now and then. The fiends feared the uniduck's glowing horn. The heroes had to keep the uniduck in a confined area.

Minitaur: It began chargin everything that was red

Argh (small fire giant): He got angry about everything. He wanted the biggest room
Ponder (stone giant): Sat ouside and thought. He ended up getting into deep discussions with Salrenna Shadowborn
Jethro (hill giant): Didn't understand about bathrooms
Radon (frost giant): Was quite the pick up artist, using all sorts of lame tricks to hit on Madora the tiefling maid who was defenseless to his charms
The female Frost giant was quiet and... icy

The Queen invited the heroes to Moonstone Keep to discuss a number of things:

- She wanted to meet the rainbow dragons to further shmooze the feywild
- Zahar, the raven queen's general showed up. He told the queen that the raven queen had met with Asmodeus for some kind of negotiation. Altor was shocked that Zahar would betray his liege...
- General Scarlet Hydra told the heroes they'd be needed in hell, and the base on Avernus would be Tiamat's old lair.

Moo Young's sword Diamond Death held the soul of the demon lord, Dyakis. Moo could become Dyakis for short periods of time. The more blood Diamond Death drew, the more Dyakis would merge with him.

An imp appeared and asked the heroes to come to Dyakis' former realm of Nephrax. They used a magic scroll to do so.

Neprhax was a red realm with a central island. On it was a fortress built in the shape of a skull. The skull wept waterfalls which poured into the lake. On the outside ring of the lake was a settlement where the demons lived. Bridges of translucent skulls crossed the lake to the fortress.

The "sun" that hung about was dark purple - it was a sphere of annihilation! Dyakis would son remember that the ruler of Nephrax could fire down beams of annihilation on enemies in Nephrax.

The heroes messed with some fountains which could allows spell effects and another fountain that could make even males pregnant.

The heroes had brought Lucinda and Argh the fire giant guy along.

The new ruler was named Golgothan. His court:

The Elder Cortex: A massive floating Brain
Melenkir: A shark-headed giant
Naia: Demons who were conjoined twins

It turned out that Duskeater ha come here, possessing the body of a ghoul. He'd gotten into Golgothan's ear, warning him that Moo Young was gaining power and needed to be snuffed out.

Golgothan grew to giant size and attacked! He fired down beams of annihilation. One destroyed Moo's colossal body. Moo survived, barely conscious at his normal size. The heroes fought him. Aoskar appeared, and brought a monster to kill them all: The Tarrasque! Moo took control of the sphere and killed Golgothan.

Then, as the power of a demon lord flowed through him, he teleported the Tarrasque to the hellmouth on Avernus... The Tarrasque appeared in Dis and began to rampage!

The heroes left Elder Cortex in charge and returned home. They informed the Queen of the attack on Dis.

That night, the heroes dreamed. They returned to Castle Greyhawk. They went through the very lame second level. It involved a banquet, which Asmodeus (overlord of hell showed up for). A spell was cast so all of the dead, cooked seagulls began to dance. Then Asmodeus burned the place and left.

14. Malphus, Duke of Hell


Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

 The heroes woke up. Moo was joined in bed by Madora the tiefling maid and Dawn the Darksail. A skill challenge was had! Moo put forth an epic effort, double-fingering, getting double blown and then doing it with both women.

The gumii werebears patrolled the forest. Varnon Maxwell lit Jethro the hill giant guy's farts on fire. Radon worked on a cool outfit. The uni-duck and minitaur guarded the keep's interior. Poppinfarsh the Dough Golem did some cooking.

The heroes went to the church of fra to discuss th epossible resurrection of Jambavan. At the church were hundreds of citizens wounded in the battles on the first layer of hell:

- Burn victims hit by fireballs that fell from the sky
- Those suffering mental problems after being exposed to the horrors of the plane, like the interiors of devils being full of sacs full of embrionic devils.
- Those hit by a drop of the river styx, their memory erased, not even remember their own spouses and children.
- Those wounded by their demon allies. One fellow was disemboweled by a demon and had held his own guts in until a healer could get to him. He was enraged that his own allies had done this to him.

The high priests told the heroes that they'd need 7 champions of fra to save jambavan. The heroes decided to become champions, and to use some existing champions (like characters from the skull & shackles campaign, the jizzlatinous cube, etc).

The heroes went to Moonstone Keep and met with Darsidian the dragon who let Chromakey take colors from the Moonstone. He told the heroes that General Scarlet Hydra had been banished, and that Blitzkrieg was now in charge. He also explained that the Raven Queen had made a deal with Asmodeus. She diverted the flow of souls that once went to the first layer to a lower level of hell. In exchange, he gave her her enemy Orcus! As well as the wand of Orcus!

So Zev had killed Jambavan and raised him as an undead god to replace Orcus in the Shadow Pantheon!

The Gods had gone to Letherna, the Raven Queen's palace, to try and stop anything else like this from happening. The Raven Queen had been an ally of theirs for a long ime. Kava and Clarissa (and Zev) had saved her from Orcus 600 years ago.

The Queen adressed the citizens of Olwynn at the base of the great statue of Thennrynnia (the previous king and Tarentia's one true love). She told the people that the time had come to return to hell to finish securing the first layer and to march on the second. The heroes stood with the Queen and her inner circle, along with the immortal Maleficia the Hag (who guarded this section of the city). Altor noticed his rival, the Battle Nurse, pointing Altor's lck of a shadow out to the acolytes.

The people were not happy at all:

- Vaona of the Cult of Vecna yelled out that the demons were just as bad as the devils
- Kinloch the shadow wizard pointed out that if hell could be destroyed, than truly a great evil would be annihilated forever
- A gith forerunner pointed out that Kava had consorted with demons
- a Frosthowl dwarf was enraged and threatened to attack the gith

A riot was about to break out. Altor decided there was only one thing to do - transform! He grew to the height of 50 feet and loomed over th epeople. Many broke and ran. Others stared in stunned silence. The riot was averted.

Back at Moonstone Keep, the Queen resigned herself to the fact that she was not going to force the people to go. She quietly noted she was only trying to do what the Gods wished. A few factions offered to send their people:

The Silverfist clan, the Black Samurai, Kinloch and the shadow demons, and the massive Frosthowl clan. The Queen realized that was more than enough to contribute to the endeavor.

The heroes went to Abaddon and rode Demonwing to the first layer of hell. There, Blitzkried told them their job was to hunt down and kill a rogue duke called Malphas.

Altor needed to rest, as he was drained from transforming into his colossal form. Their army was made up of shadow demons, black samurai (led by a short muscled lady named Rin), mane demons and Armanites (centaur demons). The demons were furious that they had to wait a day.

The heroes slept.. and went once again to Castle Greyhawk in the demi-plane of dreams. There they battled The Amazing Driderman, The inedible Bulk, De Ting and the Un-Human Scorch. Then they came upon Mee Staspock, Captain Kork and Bones, the skeleton cleric. After that, they met Bugsbear Bunny, who put on his sext Bugsbear Bunny lady costume...

And then... Moo Young had sex with him. And Varnon joined in. Chromakey fled and hid in a nearby room.

After that twist, the heroes met Pofessor Why and his canine, B-9. Professor Why travelled with two beautiful assistants in a time-traveling blue box known as a CURDIS. The heroes climbed in and off they went...

They woke up. They wer ein hell. They led the army toward the area whee Malphas was belived to be. They had to cross a river of blood. Tortured faces appeared in it. After much discussion, Mee Staspock went in (he would soon become known as "spork"). A giant blood worm popped up, ready to eat Spork. The Black samurai launched arrows into the blood worm, killing it. Its' carcass was used as a bridge to cross the blood river safely.

The fortress was nowhere to be found. The heroes consulted with the pillar of skulls, a 20 foot high pile of talking severed heads. The heads eventually told the heroes that Malphas was lurking in a cave in the mountains.

The army marched to the cave, where Malphas was hidden with his army of abishais. A great battle erupted. Moo and Altor assumed their colossal forms and attacked Malphus, crushing a pile of armanites and a few samurai underfoot.

Moo teleported Malphas outside. They killed Malphas. Then, a whore queen named Erdad Lilly, who had been in the cave, psychically called a new ally of the devils - one of Tiamat's three-headed children! It swooped down from the clouds and breathed fire and lightning on the heroes.

DemoYannoth showed up, and the dragon fled with the whore queen.

Spork surmised that the devils had offered the children of Tiamat the first layer of hell. Their mother, Tiamat, had once ruled it. The demon army had taken over Tiamat's ancient lair. The dragons no doubt relished the opportunity to avenge their mother - after all, Anjou was one of the gods who killed tiamat!

15. Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children

7/6/04: Looks like we are going to pause the campaign in a few weeks to do a few sessions of Shadowrun! I have been brewing up all sorts of ideas, it should be awesome.

Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

Having defeated Malphas, the adventurers lead their army back to the headquarters at what was once iamat's lair. There, they were shocked to find out that another child of Tiamat had attacked another force, and that the Battle Nurse had transformed into a titan and killed it! The adventurers were slightly alarmed by this, to say the least. It seemed like some of the gods were slowly blessing their Chosen with a power similar to what the heroes possessed.

They returned to Olwynn adn slept in their keep. They had no dreams at all - they did not appear in Castle Greyhawk or in Profesor Why's CURDIS.

The next day, Bidam the dragonborn was grooming the winged wolves. Salrenna had a vision - a communication from Pollidemia. Duskeater had possessed a winged cat and was doing something in Thunderspire Labyrinth. There was a giant crystal...

Bidam fetched the heroes and lead them to Salrenna's. Along the way, citizens noticed Altor as the man who turned into the giant during the Queen's speech. Some of them weren't happy. They asked him why he wasn't in Hell fighting the Blood War. Another told him that they didn't want "giant gods" wrecking the city, like what had happened four years ago (when the gods battled Lolth in the Queen of the Demonweb Pits campaign). Some pandapeople stood up for Altor, and got him in a rikshaw and whisked the heroes away.

The heroes headed down into Thunderspire and found the Doom-Cave. They eventually learned the story: A cleric of Fra had fled the city and found the cave. He was unhappy with the blood war and wanted no part of it. He found the cave, which had been a sort of experimental lair for spellweavers, who had since abandoned the place.

This cleric of Fra was using the crystal (uhh fornicating with a pipe.. hey, it's in the module) and making crystal-headed children named andrew (who were psychically linked with random "mothers" up in the city). He was building an army of crystal-headed children to go up into the city and to force the queen to abandon the blood war.

The adventurers headed down there with Varnon Maxwell (cleric of Fra) and three goofballs they took from Castle Greyhawk : Captain Kork, Bones, and Mister Spork.

They met hordes of unblinking crystal-headed children. They found a room with four variant children who drank blood and had weird mutations like bone spurs or being made of phlegm. Alto drank their blood and Moo used Diamond Death to kill them. Captain Kork was horrified.

The heroes explored the weird Spellweaver dungeon, in search of DuskEater in cat form.

They came across all sorts of weird rooms and dead-ends:

- There were a lot of buttons that did terrible things when pressed (all iron and metal vanished!)
- They crossed a burbling lake of clear liquid. The vapor caused fruit to grow out of their necks, which contained one of their stat points.
- They found a room full of gas. They made bones go in first to test it. This had a terrible effect, weakening the heroes greatly (the module punished them for sending an NPC in first by tossing almost all of their XP)
- They went into a huge room and accidentally summoned a jellyfish god. It made each of them explain why their existence was beneficial to the universe, and killed the one with the lamest answer (Mister Spork). Then it would answer one question. The heroes asked for and received a complete history of the doom cave.
- They freed a soldier from a crystal who had deserted from the blood war. They broguht him to the gas room, hoping that by sending him in, it could reverse the weakening effect. It didn't work. They sent in Varnon, and the gas caused an incredible effect - it brought them to the attention of Fra, Goddess of Romantic Healing!

Varnon had a goal of making sweet love to his deity, and now he had his chance. The heroes jumped in for a classic 7-stage Skill Challenge:

1. Altor kissed her
2. Moo grabbed her bewbs
3. Varnon licked the old butt hole
4. Altor ate it
5 & 6. Moo and Varnon double teamed that thang
7. Yes.. Altor pooped on her in classic Skull & Shackles style

Then.. Fra wanted more. She wanted them in their Titan forms! Moo became Dyakis! Altor transformed into his bear hybrid form! And she granted Varnon a titan form as well!

1. Moo hit the butt and used his ice breath on her nipples!
2. Varnon went colossal
3. Altor.. ugh... fisted

She restored their power and Varnon had become her Chosen. He was in a sort of nirvana state, almost a walking coma.

The heroes made their way back to the main area, to find DuskEater had doubled back and was teasing the rogue cleric of Fra. Altor killed Duskeater's cat form with a ray of frost. the heroes grabbed Filian Bulge, the renegade cleric of fra, and brought him up and before Queen Tarentia. Filian was imprisoned.

After some discussion, it was decided that the crystal could be used to make an army for the blood war. Together, the Queen and the heroes convinced the young male rainbow dragon to father crystal-headed dragonborn soldiers.

He was convinced with two main arguments:

1. They would battle children of Tiamat, hated enemies of good dragons everywhere
2. They could collect all sorts of new colors in hell

The rainbow dragon's mother was shaky on the whole thing, but ultimately agreed.

The young dragon got to work on the crystal, and would have to spend months to create his army.

The adventurers prepared to go to Fra's Demiplane of Bliss to become her champions, so that they could restore Jambavan to life. Must lure them out somehow... The jisum of life - comb it into his fur...

16. Champions of Fra


Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

Before setting out for the Demi-Plane of Bliss, the heroes had a few things to do. They split up. Altor accompanied the Queen to the Rainbow Castle, while Moo Young went to ut his Abyssal Plane of ephrax in order.

Altor, the Queen, Ardra the bladesinger, Darsidian the dragon and pegataur guards took a teleport circle to the Feywild. They rode the Cataphract up to Raibow Castle.

There, they ate, drank and talked with the rainbow dragons. They were ruled by King Cobalt. Gifts were exchanged. Altor brought the gummi werebears, and allowed King Cobalt to drain their colors. They wer enow both clear.

A dragon called Topaz was alarmed when she realized that Altor was a vampire. Janessa stepped in and defended Altor, telling all those assembled how Altor had rescued her from the Dungeon of the Bear (she had been transformed into a snake there), and that he too was simply a cursed victim of that place. She further pointed out that he was the Chosen of Jambavan - a good deity. This alleviated their concerns.

Altor danced with Janessa and saw the Queen staring off into space. She was mulling something over, but she didn't seem to want to say what.

Another dragon questioned the Queen about having Dew, the rainbow dragon, be involved in the Blood War. Altor tried to help, but ultimately the Queen explained that Tiamat's children were enemies of the rainbow dragons, and tiamat's children were trying to re-take the first layer of hell.

Meanwhile, Moo Young was in Nephrax. There, he could inhabit his Dyakis form at will. He had number of things to take care of:

- Dyakis freed the two demons who had been bound to the Dungeon of the Bear. The male never liked Moo and was less than thankful. The female, named Synthella, always liked Moo. Moo granted her the title of peacekeeper. Synthella had red skin, black wings, hooves, a tail, and she was crying black tears. She wielded a whip with four blades.
- An upstart named Zivon Solvi was trying to siphon Dyakis' souls. Dyakis visited him and ultimately tore off his arms and fed him to Melekir the Shark-Headed giant.
- Dyakis used his planar mastery (a power point) to fix his home, which had partially collapsed during th ebattle with the rival.

Then Dyakis handled some mortal affairs:

- He helped a drow named Jysidil take over House Lineer by sending her the paralyzing gem.
- Dyakis helped a wizard called Grindon and his consort, a cambion named Sturla, build a room in their dungeon that would send killed souls to Nephrax's crystals. Dyakis made a magic coffin that lured adventurers in and sucked out their souls.
- There was a wizard in the elemental plane of minerals named Anhaga, Queen of Crystals. She wanted the power to turn ioun stones into demonic soulstones. In exchange, she offered to sacrifice the souls of adventurers to Dyakis.

Dyakis had to choose a concubine. Three demons in particular were vying for his attention":

Alura Thorn: She was Dyakis' concubine before Banitaar betrayed him. She was quite sadistic.
Yulmanda: She was fun-loving and loved to drink alcohol and blood.
Ghilana: She was obsessed with soul stones.

Dyakis decided he wanted none of them. He wanted the demon who had guarded the dungeon of the bear - Synthella. Dyakis had Synthella and Alura Thorn battle for the right to be his chosed concubine. Synthella won, and retired to Dyakis' chamber.

With their affairs in order, the heroes returned to Olwynn. For the next few days, they spent time in the Demi-Plane of Bliss learning the ways of Fra and becoming champions. At night they'd return to Olwynn and fight in the arena - Altor needed to drink blood each days, and Moo's blade Diamond Death demanded souls.

Day One in the Demiplane of Bliss: Hent Isle

This island was all about tentacles. The lord of Hant Isle was Ballshemoth (A froghemoth with balls). Here the adventurers were brought to a farm where they each chose a symbiotic tentacle creature to bond with. Bugsbear Bunny chose a pink on. Altor chose a legendary blue/veiny one. And Moo chose a demonic red one, which took the form of a red belt. Three Challenges:

1. Long distance - send the tentacles burrowing through the ground, avoiding moles, to explode up out of the ground and into a beautiful waiting nereid across the island.
2. Accuracy - launch three tentacles into a lady at once
3. The Super-deal: The classic tear off the clothes, hist in the air and triple team

They ate dinner with Pollidemia, who was still hiding in the demi-plane. She had to keep a low profile, or else Zev and the Shadow Pantheon could hunt her down. She had been a member of the Pantheon, until the pirate heroes (from Skull and Shackles) rescued her with a Fra ritual.

Pollidemia floated the idea of hiding out in Nephrax. With Dyakis' control of th Sphere of Annihilation sun, it was the ultimate protection against any enemies. Moo and Altor were very leery of this idea. Pollidemia said she understood - she could see why no one would trust her.

She noted that her godhood was dwindling, as she had few followers, and the ones that remained could not be contacted, for fear of Zev uncovering their location.

Day Two: Ovum Island

There was a dragon horse that flew over the island, dripping menstrual blood like rain. A harpy ruled this island, which involved menstruation. Altor had a natural advantage, as he was a vampyre and had an affinity for blood.

1. Deal with crabby menstrual foxwomen - Moo aced this one with a heating pad and a critical placement of a tampon
2. Surf the Tide - finger it, use it as lube, put it in
3. Drink special Dragon Horse Blood, which gavre the heroes the power to stop and start the flow!

Day Three: Rape Fantasy Island

1. The heroes went to Krynn, the world of Dragonlance, and lured a female kender into the woods. They used their tentacles on her.
2. A princess in a pink dress was chained up in a dungeon. The heroes jumped some lava and then.. ughh.. fisted.
3. The heroes were shocked. Their final target was Queen Tarentia! They made up a reason to visit the Queen, and asked to speak to her alone. Then they used their tentacles to pin her down and got to work. To their shock, she asked them to assume their titan forms! They did, taking a height of about 10 feet. Bugsbear bunny watched from a corner.

Once it was over, the Queen explained it had been 400 years since she last did anything like that. She had spent so long quietly pining for the late King Thennrynnia.

They talked about a plan to rescue Jambavan. It involved Altor luring out the Shadow Pantheon, and then having Moo Young/Dyakis open a portal to Nephrax. They would drag Jambavan through, close it, and do what needed to be done to bring Jambavan back to life.

17. Argent, City of Night


Altor - Elf Wizard
Moo Young - Dragonborn Fighter

The adventurers returned home and planned to rescue Jambavan. Some of their friends formed an adventuring party, and they headed into Thunderspire Labyrinth to rescue some Tortles. It was Frostina (small frost giant), Poppinfarsh the dough golem, Bones the skeleton cleric and Bugsbear Bunny.

They went into the goblin caves. The goblins released a dam and flooded the place. The heroes survived the flood and killed them all. They rescued the two captured Tortles.

The heroes plan was to go to Zev's underwater dome city and to lure out the Shadow Pantheon and to snatch Jambavan and pull him to Nephrax, where they and the 7 champions of fra could heal him back to life. They would take a spelljammer, drink a potion of water-breathing and put on oil of etherealness to pass through the dome.

They fought in the arena against some gnolls. Gnolls had been flocking to Olwynn for the chance to kill Altor, who had embarassed their lord Yeenoghu in the Blood War. Moo fell in a pit trap during the battle. A gnoll closed the lid, stood on it, and fired arrows at Altor. Moo stabbed up through the lid, killed the gnoll and sucked his soul into Diamond Death. Then he exploded out and knocked out the other gnoll for Altor to feast on.

Bort Silverfist, the main promoter at the arena, patted Altor on the back and invited him to come to the Silverfist fortress in the city.

- Bort asked Altor to face a series of gnolls, including a Fang of Yeenoghu, in upcoming arena fights. Altor Agreed.

- Selara Silverfist, the girl with the pink hair who loved talking about what it is like to die, met Altor there and introduced him to her father. Her father wanted her to be a wizard like all Silverfist women were "supposed" to be. She said she wasn't any good at magic and didn't want to fight people. Later, she had a talk with Altor and Moo, and they came to the conclusion that she should earn a living as a dancer. Altor tried to get her to cast a spell, but it resulted in a wild magic surge that switched his voice with hers. They had to get a remove curse to remove it.

- Lord Khybil and Lady Annara Silverfist, the leaders of the Silverfist clan, shmoozed Altor. When Khybil wasn't looking, Annara woud flirt with Altor. They convinced Altor to ask the queen about forcibly purchasing a section of the city from the disgraced Shadowborn clan, who were too poor to repair the rubble there since Lolth fought the gods in the city four years ago. They offered Altor a magic school and also asked him to train some Silverfist mages.

Altor visited the Queen who was in a great mood. She cleared the court, and told Altor what had happened the other day as between them. She wondered if Bugsbear Bunny was trustworthy. If word got out, the Fey would have nothing to do with her and Olwynn would never be able to shift to the Feywild. They agreed Bugsbear Bunny would have to have his mindwiped. That would be simple enough, she realized. One drop from the river styx would do the trick!

Meanwhile, Moo went to her abyssal layer of Nephrax. She dealt with her mortal followers, to grow her influence:

- Moo's quasit uncovered an assassination plot in House Lireen. Rivals of Jyridil had put a poison on the lips of Jyridil's current male consort. Lireen flipped it on them and made them kiss him... one died of poison, the other died of snake-whip.

- In the Demon Dungeon, a hero named Regdar was lured into the coffin and his soul became Dyakis'.

- In the demi-plane of Minerals, Aghara rested.

- On another world, a paladin of Marra was tired of doing deeds for the King and handing over any treasure he found. He killed a dragon and was expected to hand it all over to the King. In the hoard was a soul stone of Dyakis. Through it, Dyakis urged the paladin to renounce Marra. He agreed. He became an anti-paladin. Dyakis offered him the cursed sword, Sunslayer.

In Nephrax, the demons were not adjusting to the idea of Dyakis' new consort ynthella being the peacekeeper. The Wyrm Prince, a half-red dragon/half-demon attacked her and was about to kill her. Dyakis intervened, destroyig the wyrm prince with the sphere of annihilation. Synthella and Dyakis then spent the night rocking the skull fortress.

The next day, the heroes reconvened in Olwynn. Pollidemia had forged a locator ring through Salrenna Shadowborn. Bidam was there, combing her hair. Then he had to remove her body hair (failed his check) and then change the goblin's underwear (failed that check with a one!). The goblin's name, by the way, is Slurp Jizel.

The heroes assembled their crack team of champions of fra:

Varnon Maxwell, Chosen of Fra
The Jizzlatinous Cube
Tyrape-o-saurus Sex
Bugsbear Bunny

They took the spelljammer to the ocean, used their potion and oil.

Inside the city benetah the magic dome, ghoul Torrians (undead lion-people) were re-building the city as imps of Zev made fun of them. The party invisibly made their way to the ain cathedral. There, Duskeater was looking into a moon sphere - the device that allowed him to posses a low level creature in the world.

They had Tyrape-o-saurus' thingie explode through a staind glas window. They attacked him, he flew up to the ceiling and called for help.

As the heroes hoped, the city was in effect a demi-plane, meaning the Shadow Pantheon could appear in it without fearing reprisal by the Gods of Nyrod or the Primal Spirits.

Aoskar teleported in Piranoth and Timesius. The heroes asumed their colossal forms, along with Varnon, and beat them down. Then Aoskar teleported them away. The heroes were alone for a moment in the city. Dyakis used telekinesis to pull Duskeater down, and Altor cast fly on Tyrape-o-saurus. They wanted the dinosaur to have its' way with the poor imp! IT chased the imp around as Aoskar appeared again with more members of the Shadow Pantheon - Shar and Jambavan!

Shar cast lethal spells like finger of death and disintegrate. Dyakis could only plane shift willing creatures, so they had to either subdue Jambavan or reach out to him and try and find the good part of him left.

They gave him a bear hug, like Jambavan had been ready to do to Caviler. They found the glimmer of good - Jambavan was willing. They plane-shifted to Nephrax.

The Pantheon dared not follow, as they'd be killed by Dyakis' Sphere of Annihilation. The heroes subdued Jambavan and gathered round for a really uhhh extreme 7-step skill challenge:

1. Yudelle needed tentacles, if you know what I mean. Tentaorts away!
2. Varnon had to use his mouth
3. Tyrape-o-saurus went to work back there
4. The heroes induced menstruation on Yudelle
5. Altor had to climb in Jambavan from the rear..
6. While Varnon and Dyakis used the cube on Jambavan..
7. Causing Altor to launch out of Jambavan's thingie.

The ritual was complete. Jambavan had been brought back to life!

18. The End

The heroes rested at home in Olwynn for a few months.

Then, the time-travelling police box appeared in their home. Professor Why, who they'd met in the demiplane of dreams in Castle Greyhawk arrived. He was having some sort of timelord crossover with Alexander Q (from Skull & Shackles and wayyy back in Nyrodspace War 2). They had a dwarf in red robes who offered up a riddle:

I view the world in little space,
Am always changing place;
No food I eat, but, by my power,
Procure what millions do devour.

Altor immediately answered "The Sun". When he answered, the light through the windows changed.

The heroes didn't realize it at the time, but this was an avatar of the mad god Zagyg. Zagyg was furious that the heroes hadn't fully explored his creation, Castle Greyhawk. His revenge was to use the riddle to shift the city of Olwynn to the Feywild!

Shifting the city to the feywild  was something that Queen Tarentia had wanted for years. She felt the city would be safer there.

But on the world of Nyrod, the gods cannot walk the world. If they did, the primal spirits would attack and the whole realm would likely be destroyed.

In the feywild, there is no such restriction. Zev immediately teleported to Olwynn in the Feywild intent on destroying the city for good!

The heroes assumed their titan forms, as did Varnon Maxewll (chosen of Fra)  and the Battle Nurse (chosen of Clarissa). They fought Zev, Shar, Orcus, Aoskar and Orcus.

Altor used the sphere of annihilation in dungeon town to great effect. With the help of the immortals in the city, he tossed Aoskar onto it and destroyed him.

Orcus rampaged across the city, destroying buildings and the giant boon statue. Altor had an epic battle, and used the sphere to destroy orcus as well.

During the battle, both the church of Fra and the church of Clarissa were completely destroyed.

During the battle, Zev weaved a spell to poison the hearts of the heroes, cursing them. Battle Nurse and Varnon collapsed. Zev cast finger of death, killing Varnon!

Moo, in Dyakis form, cast Dispel Magic, curing herself and her allies of Zev's curse.

Duskeater flew into Moonstone Keep, intent on killing the Queen and usurping the throne. The heroes pursued him, but in their titan forms they were too big to go in after him.

So they, uh, used their tentacles. The Queen evaded Duskeater's laser eyes miraculously (duskeater rolled poorly over and over) and at last Altor used his tentacle to tear Duskeater apart. Trust me you don't want a more detailed description.

The heroes took down Zev once and for all, destroying him and ending the threat of the Shadow Pantheon for good.

The city was devastated, but not destroyed. Over the coming months it would be rebuilt. The shattered statue was replaced. The three giant statues in Olwynn now depict:

  • Kava Frosthowl
  • King Thennryania
  • Altor - Vampire/elf/bear god guy

Ultimately the Court of Stars decided to shift Olwynn back to the Prime Material Plane, but to allow it to appear in the Feywild for a few days each month. It appeared near the Rainbow Castle and The Cataphract.